A new find from Tom Waddington, a developer, tells that Facebook is developing a new ‘Want’ button. He found that a new XFBML tag representing the ‘Want’ button has been included in the Facebook Javascript SDK though it is not publicly made present in the developers area on Facebook.

Facebook 'Want' Button

The Facebook Like button was a huge success for the social media biggie. But we have no precise idea what the ‘Want’ button will be aiming at, if it is in their list of plans. Maybe they are aiming at making the e-commerce sector, other products etc more user understandable. People liking a product tells that they are interested in it, but not exactly if they need it or not. Maybe that is where the ‘Want’ button will prove to be a success.

Facebook 'Want' Button Under Construction?

Tom Waddington has posted a demo of the Facebook ‘Want’ button on his blog. Its just a dummy and won’t be working as it is in a disabled state right now. It’ll show up an error message when you click it like this :

Facebook 'Want' Button Error

However Facebook has responded to this rumor telling that they don’t have anything new to announce at the moment but they do are testing things around.

via Inside Facebook