Well, the majority of you must be remembering the start of last year when iPhone alarms didn’t work on January 1st or 2nd. This year’s start is not much different as well because we’re seeing a downpour of reports from users who are facing alarm clocks issue on 1st and 2nd January. If you are one of such users, then not to worry. Here is the solution.

It is important to note that only users who are running iOS 4.2.1 or lower are facing this issue.  So if you are using above said iOS versions, then it is time for you to upgrade to get rid of iPhone alarm issue. Apple released an update last year to fix this bug, but if you are still facing it, then upgrade the iOS and follow this simple guide to fix it.

STEP 1. Tap on clock.

STEP 2. Now you have to tap on alarm.

STEP 3. Now you have to tap Repeat.

STEP 4. Set a repeat interval.

STEP 5. Now you have to tap on save button.

That’s it.  Its done!

Last year, the issue seemed to affect users only on January 1st and January 2nd for some strange reason. To avoid the issue until then try setting the alarm as a recurring alarm rather than one time alarm by following these steps we have told.

However, if you’re still enjoying your iPhone 3G, we’re sorry to say iOS 4.2.1 is as high as you can go on the iOS chain. For others the solution is all yours.

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