Google Now is a Siri like application that was featured in Google I/O this year. Google Now was released as a part of  Nexus 7 tablet featuring Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Google now offers much more than a text to speech converter. Google Now studies your activities and predicts them. Google Now can currently give you information about weather, traffic, flights, appointments, places, translation and much more.  Google Now is something you should definitely try out.

Google Now Apk has been ripped off from Jelly Bean by XDA’s recognized developer febycv and you can download it and use it in your phone provided that your phone runs on ICS AOSP ROM and is rooted. Here is how to install Google Now on Ice Cream sandwich.

Get Google Now on ICS

1. Go to the root of your phone using files manages such as ES Explorer which lets you view root directory.

2. Navigate to “/system”  and you will see a “build.prop” file below all folders. Open it in text editor.

3.  Change the value of and make its value to 16 from 15.

4. Navigate to /system/app and  Rename GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk to GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk1

5. Reboot your phone and then install Google Now apk.

6.  Now open build.prop and change the value back to 15 and reboot.

For the download link, see the original thread on XDA.

Google Now has been successfully installed on your ICS phone.  Try the google search box at your home screen to access Google Now If you did not do the above procedures and tried to install the apk directly, then you will encounter an error during the installation. Enjoy Google’s new feature and tell us about it in the comments!