If you are not a proud owner of HTC, then you must be jealous of its HTC Sense feature. The HTC Sense feature is so great that it drastically changes the appearance of a HTC device. But now, non HTC owners as well as HTC owners without Sense 3.0 can enjoy a bit of HTC Sense 3.0 with just a simple app and all credit goes to the developer over XDA named, xboxfanj and the creator of this app SOLA Team.

Get HTC Sense 3.0 Lockscreen Any Android Device With Agile Lock


This app is named as Agile Lock which allows user to change their device’s lock screen to like like the HTC Sense 3.0’s lock screen. Agile Lock has options to change font, font color, font size, shortcuts and background settings.

In future, you can use your own design on Lock screen and can customize the whole Lock screen experience. Agile Lock app has two versions: free and paid, the free version is available for download from the Android Market and you can also get the paid version as free by just collecting 300 points by downloading the apps in the ads. So, just uninstall whatever you don’t want later and get this app for free.

To download Agile Lock, just go to the Market and search for Agile Lock.

Via Xda-developers