One thing you might have noticed other than the unbeatable specs (at that price) of the Nexus 7 is its phone like user interface. Not many of us care about it because it’s just a 7 inch tablet with portability comparable to a smartphone. Folks at XDA has managed to give the Nexus 7 some tweaks to make it’s UI similar to a tablet’s UI. Google’s Nexus 7 does not come with landscape orientation for the home screen. For most 10 inch tablets, the landscape orientation is preferred by users. However the nexus 7  faces some issues when running in landscape orientation.

Tablet UI on Nexus 7


Tablet UI for Nexus 7

If you were a tablet user and is not happy with your new Nexus 7’s UI, then this is something you should definitely try out. Here is how to do it.

1. Open a file manager such as ES File explorer. Make sure your device is rooted and allow root access and check mount rewritable in settings.

2. Navigate to /system and open Build.prop in text editor.

3. Find “ro.sf.lcd_density” and change it’s value to 170 or below which is ideal for a tablet UI.

4. Reboot your nexus 7 and see the magic.

You can always change your value back to default. But you have to remember the default value or make a copy of Build.prop in case some error occurs.

via XDA Developers

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