Gizmo5, the most popular VoIP service is going offline; as this announcement is send to its members via emails making users to look for an alternative VoIP service. Google acquired Gizmo5 in 2009, and offered cheap Internet calling with Google voice service. An email send to Reddit user Bizurke pointed to Google’s Gmail calling service as a sufficient replacement, if anyone interested can head over to apps database and  can search out what’s available on the Android Market for VoIP service. The list is endless, so this could mean Google is looking to introduce true VoIP via Google Voice?


Gizmo5 VoIP Service Closing on April 3rd


Few of the alternatives that are available which might serve user need includes : Sipgate, pBxes, VoIPUser and AnVoice.

As, the quality offered by Gizmo5 is very decent and no other VoIP alternative services is going to beat it. Let us know what do you think about this step taken by Google?

Via [Reddit][TalkAndroid]