Facebook is the world’s number one social network and we all know that. Recently it has undergone some changes like from supporting the phone calls while hanging out to the ability to add tabs. And now, Google has also released an update of its Google+ application for idevices.

This latest version,, includes some new, but exciting features. The most notable features are the ability to upload full image size pictures from your device and a search option. These two features will improve the usability of Google+ app to a great extent and we are pretty sure that this update will be praised a lot from its users.

Google+ App for iOS

Ability of uploading full resolution pictures from their devices, which is good news for anyone who uses the app to share heavy photos. Moreover, you can also +1 any image that you like or want to share with other fellows in your circles. This update also brings the new Google+ logo of red color.

After installing the update, run it and you will see a red G+ logo and underneath this design are the options for full resolution upload. Addition of search option,  photo +1, bug fixes and performance improvements are also included in the update. You must be aware of most of the options, but the last one is to make the application run smoothly.  We highly recommend you to update the Google+ app in your idevice as soon as possible to enjoy these wonderful new features.

This update is available from the update option within the app. If you don’t have it then download it now.

Download Google+ App for iOS

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