Recently, Google have released the stable for Chrome, as Google has not mentioned its name anywhere in its blog post, but we can certainly expect that it is Chrome 9.Chrome 9, which was in beta phase for quite a long time and after that in developer testing stage for even longer. Chrome 9 finally has gotten itself a stable version release.

Google Chrome 9

Chrome 9 includes following features:-

  • WebGL:

WebGL provides hardware accelerated 3D rendering to the browser.

  • Chrome Instant:

Chrome Instant, will instantly load the website that are most visited by the user, after just keystroking in a few letters it will load the page. Chrome Instant also supports ominbox searches, if it is supported by users preferred search engine.

  • Chrome Web Store:

Chrome Web Store is open to US users; it is an app store just like Apple’s App store.

You can download Google Chrome 9 from here.