Google, earlier today announced Google Chrome for iOS and it is now available to download in the App Store. Google Drive for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad is also out along with it. We’ve given the Chrome app for iOS a try and here is our opinion and verdict about Google’s new release.

Google Chrome for iOS

Google Chrome for iOS Gallery

Take a look at how it works on the iPad and iPhone [Pics] :

Syncing made easy

With this feature, you can easily sync your Chrome bookmarks, history, passwords or whatever from your other devices to iOS. You could choose what all you want to sync and what all not to. I found this a cool one.

Better browsing on the iPad

Unlike in the iPhone and iPod Touch, Chrome on the iPad has a similar touch of design as in the desktop version. I think it tops Safari on the iPad. Chrome on the 3.5 inch screen is very much similar to Mobile Safari. But on the iPad, it is more like a UI in the familiar desktop version which makes switching between tabs, closing them etc more easy.

Clean UI

The simple and unique look of Chrome for iOS makes it a user friendly one. Personally, I liked the design very much.


So far, positive responses have been flying around and there would no issues to say that Google Chrome is perfect alternative browser for the iDevice owners.

If you haven’t given Chrome a try on your iOS device, you can get it from here. At the same time, Google Drive lovers can get the iOS app from here.