Users don’t have to wait for an invite to get an account on Google+ now. Google, announced on their official blog that they have now opened the Google+ registration for all all over the world. For the last three months, since it started, the invites for accessing Google+ was flowing around and that activity will be perished from now.

Google+ Registration Open To All Now!

And the interesting thing is that this is the 100th feature they have introduced in Google+ since its start. Google+ was able to gain the attention of over a million users in just 16 days of its start beating the record of the mighty facebook and twitter.

Now, as the open signups are available for the take, we can expect a viral flow of users to Google+. And meanwhile, we can see Facebook polishing their network through a number of noticeable changes. And I am sure or rather we are sure that there will be tough competition between them for the crown.

You could signup for Google+ here.

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