Few months back Google announced the “Call phone“ service for its Gmail users which was at that time was limited to U.S users. But, now people from outside of US can also enjoy this service right from their Gmail account. Previously, before the launch of this service, Gmail voice and video chat option was available that keeps people connected using their computer but to work voice/video chat option both the people must be signed into Gmail account at the same time. But always keeping logged into Gmail account is not possible, so after the launch of “Call phone” service it helps people to be connected on the go. People can now directly call any phone right from Gmail.

Google Voice Outside US Now Possible

To make this service work, you need to install Google voice/video plugin on your browser, after installing the plugin restart browser and you will receive notification about “Call phone” feature after logging into Gmail. Now you are ready to go. Calls to US and Canada are free at least for the rest of this year and calls made to other countries will be billed as per Google voice tariff.

Making a call to a phone number is similar to that of normal phone. Just click “Call phone” option which is at the top of the chat list and after that dial a number or enter a contact’s name.