How to Appear Invisible in Facebook ChatEarlier I have written on how to group chat in Facebook. This time I would help you to be offline and invisible in Facebook chat. Then some might be thinking why I am saying both offline and invisible. It is because if you are offline in Facebook chat, then won’t be able to see your online friends and you won’t be seen by your friends. But if you are invisible, then you could see and chat with your online friends along with being not seen by anyone else. Â

If you aren’t in a mood to chat with your friends in Facebook, then you could just go offline. Â It is quite easy.

1. Login to your Facebook account.

2. Click on the chat button on the bottom and select options.

3. And go offline.

If you want to talk to only certain online friends and don’t want to be seen by others, then you could turn invisible in Facebook chat. The Online Now Facebook Application could help you know whom all are online without turning on Facebook chat.

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