The Windows Phone comes with an option to backup and restore data, and it is needed a help, in case you face any problem while updating your device.But the default restore/backup tool doesn’t allow users to backup any third party applications. So, Windows Phone users have to once again download and install those apps on their devices but this process seems to be very time consuming and of course it irritates us.

The backup and restore operation doesn’t work on any custom ROM, so users have to download those third party applications once again after flashing their device. So to help those Windows Phone users’ from losing their app data, a developer from XDA has come up with a tool that allows Windows Phone users to backup/restore even the third party applications.

Backup And Restore WP7 Apps

This application uses IsoStore tool to backup/restore data using ISETools from Windows Phone SDK 7.1 to receive-send data to isolated storage folder of all applications.

Getting Started:

  • To start using this tool, you need to have a PC with WP SDK 7.1 beta 2 or later version pre-installed and a jailbroken device.
  • Now download WPV App Data Backup tool from here.

To Backup Data:

  • First run the tool, connect the jailbroken Windows Phone device to the PC and make sure Zune app is running.
  • Now choose a folder where you want to store backup by hitting on the browse button.
  • Press BACKUP button and hold  for the backup process to complete

All done! Now go ahead and flash the device without worrying about those thirdparty apps.

To Restore Data:

  • Repeat the process same as above, first run the tool make sure Zune is running and the device is connected to the PC.
  • Choose a folder to restore those files by hitting the browse button.
  • Press RESTORE button and hold for the backup process to complete.
  • Now, all your data is restored back successfully.

Via xda-developers

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