In this moving world, the probability of being hacked by others is fairly high. If u feel that someone else is using your facebook account, here there is a simple method to check and prevent such unwanted log ins into your account. It is not an external feature, it is provided by Facebook itself.

How to check if your Facebook account is hacked or not

  • Sign in to Facebook.
  • Go to Account Settings (Top right corner) –> Security (Left side options panel).

Facebook Security Settings

  • Click the ‘Active Sessions’ option. There you will be able to see a list of all computers and mobile devices that have logged into your Facebook account, the date and time of the log in, along with the approximate geographical location from where the person had logged in ( based on the IP address). If you find any unknown device / location, which had accessed into your account, just click the corresponding ‘End Activity’ link and it would block the access to your Facebook account from that device.

Active Sessions Option in Facebook

How to prevent future Unknown log in attempts

  • For more security precautions, you may choose the option to receive email and SMS notifications. Once you do that, if someone else tries to log into your Facebook account from an unknown computer or mobile phone, you’ll be notified by mail/SMS.

Log in Notifications Option in Facebook

Facebook have more privacy and security options for its users in their showcase which many people don’t notice. You could just have a peek at the other options and you may find something useful.

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