DNS errors annoying you? Then solve it easily by clearing the DNS cache. This fix can also get rid of  other internet surfing problems.

When you visit a website, its DNS data is stored in the DNS cache by Windows so that the next time you visit the site, it loads faster. Two types of entries, Positive and Negative entries are being stored in the DNS cache. If you could access a website, then positive entries are stored in the cache. But if negative entries are stored in the DNS cache, sometimes you cannot get access to the site because of a DNS error. You could overcome this problem very easily by clearing the DNS cache. To clear the DNS cache in Windows, just follow the simple steps given below.

1. Go to ‘ Start -> Accessories -> Command Prompt ‘.

2. Right-click ‘Command prompt’ and select ‘ Run as Administrator ‘.

3. Along with the text given there, type ‘ ipconfig/flushdns ‘ and hit Enter.