Few days back Facebook updated its commenting system, which enable users to save comment just by hitting the Enter key. However, Facebook also silently rolled out another important feature to its commenting system that allows users to edit comments.

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Here we list how to edit your comment on Facebook:-

  • Select the comments status, which you want to edit.
  • Hit “X” button in the top right corner of the comment.
  • Your comment will turn into a text box where you can edit your comment that you have written earlier.
  • After editing your comment just hit Enter button to save it again


How to Edit Facebook Comments


1. This feature will only work if no one has commented after you, as your comment gets locked; you can still delete it but cannot edit it.

2. The time limit on editing comment must be less than 1 min (60 sec), so for those who have accidentally submitted comments by pressing Enter key, now have the ability to edit it.