For those people who don’t like the default location that show up on their device weather app or widgets, for them here comes a solution that make your town or place to show up. Xda member Hotrod68 has come up with a solution that will let users to do this for HTC Sense, the trick goes here as:

The db file that is required to be edited is located at the /data/data directory, so a root access is required to access and edit this file. To edit the db file Hotrod68 suggest using Root Explorer or QtADB and to edit the database, use a free application called SQLite Database Browse.


How to Edit the HTC Sense Weather Location Database


After that you can add a new location and the information is stored in Accuweather format, so you need to retrieve that data from the website. Once you done with it just reboot the device and you are ready to enjoy your new locations.

Via [Xda Developers]