The ‘Guided Access’ option was a noticeable addition made to iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad via the latest iOS 6 along with many other changes. Here is what the Guided Access option is capable of and how to enable it on your iDevice.

Enabling the Guided Access mode gives you greater control over your device’s hardware and software. With Guided Access, you can disable all hardware buttons, lock the device to a single app and even disable the touch on chosen parts of the screen.

Here is how to enable Guided Access on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Just follow the easy steps below to get it running on your device.

1. Navigate to Settings -> General.

ios 6 general

2. Scroll down and choose Accessibility.

iOS 6 Accessibility

3. Now again scroll down and choose Guided Access.

ios 6 guided access

4. Switch the feature on.

Guided Access

5. Set a passcode (don’t forget it because you’ll be needing the same to get out of the mode).

Optional : You can also enable the Screen Sleep option in order to save battery.

guided access passcode

6. Now move on to where you want to lock your device, i.e any app.

7. Triple click the home button and the controls comes in.

guided access controls

  • Circle the area where you want to disable touch
  • Tap on Options and you’ll get more options to disable touch on the entire screen and motion sensing.

guided access options

8. Once everything is set, tap on Start and Guided Access take control from then.

guided access enabled

To quit the mode, triple click the home button, give the passcode, tap on End and you’re done! If you are facing any issues with this feature on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, just leave a comment below and we’ll be happy to help you.

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