If you have recently updated your iPod touch, iPad or iPhone to iOS 4.3 and you are noticing that your device is not running longer on battery, then all you need to do is just disable the Ping. Pocket-Lint has found the culprit (Ping) which is behind the battery drain of devices that are running on iOS 4.3.


How to Fix iOS 4.3 Battery Drain


To turn off the ping functions, follow the following steps:-

  • Go to settings
  • Choose General–> Restrictions
  • Click on Enable Restrictions
  • Enter a new pincode to use if you want to enable/disable restrictions at a later time
  • Disable Ping option

However, disabling ping also closes social notification, music and other services on you device but you will notice improvement of battery life much longer than it currently is.

Via [Pocket-lint]