How to Hide Files In Linux
You may want many of your files to be kept hidden in your PC as you want privacy for those files. In Windows, you could right-click the file and enable the hidden option to make the file hidden. But if you are using Linux OS, then how can you hide files in Linux? So, if your using the Linux OS, then here is how to here is how to do it. Just follow the simple steps given below to hide files in Linux.

I have listed three ways to hide files in Linux. You could use any one of them.

1. Just add a period ( . ) before the file name. For example if the file is ” linux. something “, just add a ” . ” before ” linux ” ( that is it should be ” .linux.something ” ).

2. Add a ” ~ ” after the file name. For example, if the file is ” linux. something “, make it ” linux. something~Â “.

3. Make a file named ” .hidden “Â in the same directory the file which you want to hide exists. Press Ctrl + H to see all the hidden files and open the .hidden file. Now add the names of the files( in that directory ) to be hidden. Each name should be entered in separate lines.

NOTE: Don’t forget to Ctrl + H again so that Linux stops showing the files hidden.

That’s all! Using any of these methods, you could easily hide files in Linux.