ClockWorkMod is also known as ClockWork or CWM, and it is a custom recovery application for Android devices. The app allows several advanced recovery, installation, maintenance kind of operations on Android devices. This kind of advanced modification or changes cannot be done with the help of stock recovery tool.

How to Recover LG Optimus 3D Using ClockWorkMod

Recently an Xda member, designgears was able to install ClockWorkMod Recovery on LG Thrill 4G. Getting started with installing ClockWorkMod Recovery all you need is ADB (Android Debug Bridge), a rooted LG Thrill 4G and recovery image (download link below).

  • First you need to get the recovery image file on the phone, to do this just run cmd prompt and type:

                adb push recovery.img  /data

  • Now after getting the image, enter :

               adb shell

  • Thirdly you need to have a Super User access; if you don’t have SU access then this is the right time to get it. To this simply type:


  • In the fourth step, you need to backup your current recovery data to your SDcard. But before doing this make sure SDcard is not mounted to the PC, after checking this enter:

             dd if=/data/recovery.img of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p6 bs=4096

  • All done, now you simply need to reboot your device, to do it enter:

             rm /data/recovery.img


After applying the above steps your LG Thrill 4G will have ClockWorkMod Recovery installed in it. To download LG Thrill 4G recovery image click here.

Via Xda developers

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