The next version of Android Market 3.2.0 has leaked out and is now available for download. This leaked Android Market directly came from the yet to be revealed Nexus Prime. The Nexus Prime is the same device whose release date is very near (to be announced on October 19th).

The new Android Market is really very fast and responsive than all its previous 3.1.x version’s we have seen so far. The news of Android Market 3.2.0 leak was first posted by Xda member, febycv. He said that installing the new Android Market on a device is not that much easy. So, he has posted the basic instructions to install Android Market 3.2.0, but before beginning with it, the user must need to have a rooted device.

Leaked Android Market 3.2.0

Getting started with installing Android Market 3.2.0:

1. First, download the apk file for Android Market 3.2.0 from below link.

2. Now, go to the /system/app folder using Root Explorer.

3. In this step, mount the r/w and rename the file “Vending.apk” to “Vending.apk1”.

4. Further, copy the downloaded file in the /system/apk folder and rename it to “Vending.apk”.

5. After done with renaming the file, press+hold the application and select the permissions.

6. Set Read permission for Owner/Group/Others, Write permission for Owner and leave all the other fields blank.

7. Reboot and enjoy Android Market 3.2.0 !

Download Android Market from here.

Via Xda-developers

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