Do you remember HTC Shift, the first ever touch screen device launched by HTC in 2007? If you do, then you must knowing about those people who were able to run different version’s of OS on that device (if you had some interest in development or testing kind of things). Although the HTC Shift comes with 1GB RAM and 800MHz processor, it had been able to run Vista, Windows 7 on it earlier. And now Windows 8.

Djwillis, an Xda-member was able to successfully run Windows 8 on HTC Shift and he has posted a detailed procedure on how to install, configure and run Windows 8 on HTC Shift. He has warned people to know the consequences if they fail to run Windows 8 on their device because of any reason and also as HTC Shift has only 800MHz processor which is under Microsoft’s recommended minimum requirements so it is advised to perform installation procedure at your own risk.

Install Windows 8 on HTC Shift

Installation of Windows 8 should be made on a clean Hard Drive, yes you need to wipe all your data and if you think that upgrading older OS like Windows 7 to Windows 8 will do, then you may land in a trouble. So it is advised to wipe the HD to install Windows 8 first, and then after that you can install other OS manually. User should enable Wi-Fi using the Shift control panel before starting the installation process and if you aren’t able to do that then you need to have an external USB Ethernet adaptor to connect to the internet.

Now when done with all the above points user can head over to this page to learn complete installation process on HTC Shift.

Via Distant-Earth