Many users are very much dissatisfied for not getting a proper privacy in their browsers. By seeing this demand, google chrome devs came up with an add-on named BROWSER LOCK. It s a very simple add-on with which you can lock your browser and disable other users to  use your browser, without your permission. By using this application, you can prevent other users to surf the net using your browser or to peep into your private bookmarks.

How To Lock Or Password Protect Google Chrome

Using BROWSER LOCK, you can lock the browser by just pressing the combination;  Ctrl+Shift+L. Being locked, even if the user tries to open new tab or close the existing window, google chrome remains locked unless the user enters the correct password. To unlock press the combination  Ctrl+Shift+L and enter the correct password.

How To Lock Or Password Protect Google Chrome

You could get BROWSER LOCK from here

To change the password and other settings of BROWSER LOCK, go to chrome://extentions/ and press the setting button that’s under the Browser Lock’s icon.

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