If you want to root Huawei Ideos X6, then here is how. Xda member ‘ snakebitezz ‘ has found a way to root Huawei Ideos X6 for the luck of those who are trying for it. But keep in mind that rooting a device voids the warranty, so before starting with the the process,  make sure if you really need to do it or not.

Rooting Huawei Ideos X6

Getting started with rooting Huawei Ideos X6:

  • There are two methods by which you can root Huawei Ideos X6, but here we are going to discuss the method which was tested by xda member, Snakebitezz.
  • First if your device is ON then turn it OFF and now hold the volume+ button press power button and after doing that you should get a black screen saying “incoming download mode”.
  • Now connect the device to the computer and the new drive folder will open, inside this new “USB” device folder name there should be a folder called “Images”. Open the folder and make a copy of each of these files and place them at some safe place.
  • Now download this recovery file and rename it to “recovery.img” and overwrite the original one.
  • Again download su binaries and superuser.apk along with busy box installed properly from here and place the file on the root of the device or on the first folder of the SD card.
  • Now, you have to remove the battery but before removing the battery remove USB cable first and place the battery back in and hold the Volume + and Volume- button at the same time until a vibrate sounds comes up and then go to the power button and again hold Volume+ and Volume– button until ClockworkMod recovery loads.
  • Now, using the + and of volume button select install su binaries and superuser.apk zip from the SD card by hitting the search button and then choose zip from SD card and again scroll down to the su binaries and superuser.apk zip  and wait till it reloads the file and once done reboot it. Now you have rooted your Huawei Ideos X6.

Via Xda Developers