Mass mailers apps like gosms, handcent etc for Android devices have been around from a long time but none of these apps provide options to send multiple messages to multiple contacts once. A member from xda forums, shabihsherjeel has designed such an app that allows users to do that.

The multi texter app not only allows user to send multi-messages to multi-recipients but it also features Groups, Custom Messages, Multiple SMS, Multiple Recipients, Drafts and Retry failed Attempts.

How to Send Multiple Text Messages to Contacts at Once
By using the Groups feature, you can add contacts to it and send messages to them at once. There is no limit to send messages to several contacts, you can send messages to as many people as you want but not more than the total number of messages i.e. 100 in an hour, as this is limited by Android OS.

Users can also search through messages and contacts by message content or contact name and can delete multiple messages. The developer of this app have also requested to the users of this app to check their message plans with your carrier or you may regret using this app shortly.

If you have unlimited message plans or just want to give a try with this awesome app, then head over to this link, to download the app for free.

Via xda-developers