Can you take photos from your iPad? Yes, you can. If you have an iPhone along with your iPad, it is possible to take photos from your iPad. An iPhone and two apps ( link below ) are the only things ( of course, an iPad too! ) necessary to take photos with your iPad.

Apple might upgrade the iPad device and fix a camera for it in the future. But if you have an iPad without a camera, then here is a way to take photos with your iPad. Just follow the steps below to take photos with your iPad.

1. Download CAMERA-A app to your iPad and CAMERA-B app to your iPhone. CAMERA-A is worth  $0.99 and CAMERA-B is free.

2. Connect the iPad and iPhone via bluetooth.

3. Open both the apps in both the devices.

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4. You could now see the iPhone camera view in your iPad.

5. Use the iPhone’s camera and when ready capture the photo using the button in the iPad’s app.

That’s all! You could the above steps to take photos via your iPad or you could just take a photo with your iPhone or a camera and transfer it to the iPad!