Transferring files to iPad from PC is not a difficult task and you could do it with ease. If you want to transfer songs, videos, app etc to iPad, then here is how to transfer files to iPad from PC. You could transfer music, video or app files from your PC to your iPad through iTunes. Just follow the instructions given below to do it.

1. Download and install iTunes in your computer.

2. Connect iPad to your PC.

3. Open iTunes if it automatically doesn’t open.

4. Select iPad from the ” Devices ” list.

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5. Now if you want to transfer songs, videos, movies or apps, then select the respective tabs. For example, if you want to sync music, then select the ” Music ” tab.

6. Now select which all songs, movies, videos or apps to transfer to your iPad.

7. Make sure that the checkbox on the top in the respective tab, that allows to sync selected files to your iPad, is selected.

8. Now apply it and confirm the sync.

Now the files you want will be synced and transfered to your iPad. You could also use the automatically sync option to transfer files to your iPad whenever it is synced with iTunes.