Nexus devices have the history of allowing the bootloader unlock on them and the first Nexus tablet from Google is no exception. Showing no difference, Google Nexus 7 does the same. You can unlock the bootloader on the device pretty easily in just two or three steps.

Unlock Google Nexus 7 Bootloader

Nexus 7 was announced just yesterday in the first keynote of Google’s I/O conference. Hugo Barra,┬áDirector of Product Management, Android, Google, came on the stage holding the tablet in his hands to present it to the world. At a price of $199, and with all those wonderful features + Jelly Bean running on it, I won’t regret saying that it is a device worth the money. Google has made a really good move with Nexus 7 and we’ll wait and see how long their new product will be taking them. Now, let us get to the topic.

How To Unlock Nexus 7 Bootloader

1. Have the Android SDK on your computer.

2. Enable USB Debugging (Go to setting -> Applications -> Development).

3. Open command prompt and give this command : fastboot oem unlock

via Android Central