Google is expanding its services to offer wide range of features to its users, taking the same into consideration, Google has introduced a automated Bot, called guru, that helps the user to find information on various topics and categories like weather, calculation, currency, definition, web result etc.

  • Sign into chat client that supports Gtalk IM
  • Send invitation to
  • Find guru in your contact list and start sending  queries to guru using the format:
Web ResultWeb Mount Kenya
Calculate20* 10
Currency120 KES to USD
DefinitionDefine Apple
Sport ScoresScore Arsenal
TranslationTranslate earth to French
Weather Weather Delhi
HelpHelp Currency


Ask Question via IM with Google Talk Guru

Google talk Guru can give answers to many of your questions and it works with all chat clients that supports Gtalk. So, it is well worth to give a try, especially when you want to get any information on mobile.

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