Universal root guides/tools comes once in a while and here is another one, the HTC Quick Root, which could root / unroot almost all HTC devices. We can’t call it a fully universal rooting tool as it supports only HTC devices. But still, it is a piece of joy for the HTC users looking forward to root their devices.

HTC Quick Root Tool

Previously there have been many tools and guides popping up supporting over a wide range of devices to help users root their devices and the last one we reported was for the devices running ICS : Root ICS on any device

Now, XDA Developer lyriquidperfection has brought in the HTC Quick Root tool which can root and unroot almost all HTC devices. Apart the rooting and unrooting options, the tool provides much more supported features like options to clear battery stats and dalvik cache, reboot the device to any mode etc.

For more information on the tool and download link, head over to the original thread at XDA.