Volume Amplifier is a new tweak that has arrived in Cydia which enables you to increase your iPhone 5’s in call volume upto 200%. It doesn’t do anything to affect your iPhone’s bottom speakers, it just deals with the top one enabling the user to increase the volume during a call alone.

Different people have different hearing capabilities. So, Volume Amplifier could be a pretty handy tweak for people having issues with hearing. And also for people having issues with their phone’s speaker.

 Volume Amplifier Cydia Tweak

Volume Amplifier doesn’t give you any options to configure or anything. To get it in action after installing, you just have to keep increasing the volume when a call is in place. The volume level will cross the 100% barrier and goes on. You could see the volume percentage increasing on the screen. Hit the volume up button till you can hear everything clearly. And mostly, you wouldn’t be needing to go over 150%. It’ll be okay by then. Plus, going over 150%, might bring in some distortion as well. It works in all modes i.e. when in speakers, headphones or normal mode.

There haven’t been any issues reported with this tweak. But still, you should be using it cautiously as you are exceeding the default volume limit.

Here’s a video of Volume Amplifier in action :

To give Volume Amplifier a try, open up Cydia and search for it. You can find it under the BigBoss repo for $1.99.

There’s already a buzz about the iPhone 4 and 4S not getting the tweak. Hopefully, the developer might add compatibility for those devices very soon.

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