One of the most popular iphone application, Instagram has released a real time updates API that allows developers to use Instagram photo, locations, tags in their own apps. This release is not at all theoretical, this API’s are already up and running on sites like Foodspotting, Dropbox and Momento. Some additonal add-ons for Instagram real-time update API will soon be released and it will be integrated in sites like

Instagram Rolls Out Real-Time API

Currently, the API is available in read-only mode and it is just pulling up data from Instagram and is not allowing users to post any updates.

Till date, more than 2000+ developers have already signed up for the API, some more third party apps on other platform like Android are expected to come up very soon.

All, it will take the API to go read-write and enable other apps to post photos and comments to your account. If you don’t have an iPhone but you want to see this API’s into action then you can just head-over to this link or visit to enjoy!