Few days back, Apple revealed the iOS 5 at the WWDC event and they also released a beta version of the firmware the same day for the devs. And within 24 hours of its release, the iPhone Dev Team members were able to jailbreak iOS 5 using the Limera1n exploit and tetherboot.

iOS 5 Jailbreak

A day ago, we reported the news that iOS 5 jailbreak was possible. Now, MuscleNerd has announced that they will be releasing the tethered iOS 5 Jailbreak pretty soon. The untethered iOS 5 jailbreak is not possible at the moment as Apple have fixed the exploit for it in this major firmware update. But we can hope that the devs will soon find an alternative to jailbreak iOS 5 untethered.

See MuscleNerd’s tweet below :

iOS 5 Jailbreak

The iOS 5 comes with more than 200 new features. Check out some major features of iOS 5 here.

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