Rumours are on the round once again. This time about iPhone 5, but take this one with a bigger than usual sized granule because Apple may be using a latest display technology in the iPhone 5. Yes you should expect something really new in the next iPhone model.


The sizzling news was unwrapped by the MacTimes that Apple is functioning along with Toshiba to create a latest iShape display that will drag the screens of today out of the race. Well if the gossip is supposed to be true then Apple and Toshiba may be teaming up to produce the next generation screen technology known as the iShape. The technology used would be something which does not subsist in the markets at present.

iShape is basically based on “Adjoining Round and Pixels” that will certainly offer enhanced clarity and a curved shape. The screen would be 1280 x 720 pixels of resolution. Since the pixels are rounded and unbelievably very close to each other, the images will be much apparent as compared to the traditional screens.

MacTimes has also reported that Apple is planning on expanding the screen size on the subsequent iPhone, enhancing from the current 3.5-inch to a supposedly 4 or even 4.3-inch screen.

As stated earlier the next generation iPhone gossips are just gossips, may be believed may not be believed. However, it is certainly not the first time a rumor is heard about the iPhone 5. The rumors are and will certainly keep pulling up till the launch day is here.

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