Yesterday it has been reported that many app store users’s accounts are being hacked by someone and is used to buy apps from the store using their iTunes account and money.iTunes Accounts Hacked The ‘ iTunes accounts hacked ‘ problem is turning out to produce just problems for the users along with many suspects.

Can’t tell there are ‘ many ‘ suspects at the moment as everyone tends to turn their attention to a Vietnamese app developer named ‘ Thuat Nguyen ‘. Out of the top 50 apps in the Books category in the app store, 40 are the ones created by this man. But it could happen if he is so skilled to produce such popular apps. But the suspicious thing is that most of his apps have very poor user ratings or no ratings at all! So there is a chance that the developer himself or with external help have hacked the iTunes accounts.

iTunes Accounts Hacked

The hacking of the iTunes accounts is turning out to be a big problem and so it is better to take precautions if you have an iTunes account. Preventing is better than curing. So check your purchases history, change your iTunes account password now and remove your payment details and stop payments to be done using your iTunes account.