We have got a bit of disappointing news for those who are going to jailbreak their devices using the JailbreakMe tool. The domain jailbreakme.com has been sold over to another person now and you can’t use it to jailbreak your device. And a major thing to note is that it was not owned by the tool’s developer comex and its owner has now sold it.

UPDATE: Saurik has bought the site back and is now live again. Check our article on it here.

The site is now showing just an image of Steve Jobs, who died the previous day and has a description telling ” Thank You, Steve Jobs.”.

JailbreakMe.com Sold! Jailbreak.Me To Be In Its Place

MuscleNerd let out the news through twitter earlier and he told something for the jailbreakers to be relieved about, that the domain Jailbreak.Me will take the place of jailbreakme.com. Jailbreak.Me will be live soon. He also promised that they own Jailbreak.Me and will never sell it.

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