Skype has just introduced a new service called Skype To Go, that allows Skype users to make call using Skype from any mobile or landline phone, without an Internet connection or any data coverage connections like 3G, Wi-Fi. Below are the details of Skype To Go. 

Make Calls Without Internet with Skype To GoThis service works by converting a person contact number into a unique Skype To Go number with a local calling code.

Calling that local number using local code will bill users at Skype’s regular or standard rates, whether paid for using Skype Credit or a part of a subscription. No installation is required, setting up Skype To Go service is free and users can add up to 9 numbers to it.

These nine numbers can be saved to user’s handset, but they have to pay an added associated conection fee of 3.9 cent per call.