A further sizzling news worth bring up is the update for MobileSubstrate that deals with the crashing of jailbreak tweaks from Cydia on the iOS 5.0.1 untethered jailbroken idevices. Jay Freeman, popularly known as “saurik” has released an update earlier today through Cydia named as MobileSubstrate 0.9.3995 for the said purpose. 

Mobile Substrate 0.9.3995

Previously, we told you that the iPhone Dev-Team released a latest version of RedSn0w called RedSn0w 0.9.10b3 to fix the errors related to MobileSubstrate based apps. However, if you do not want to re-run RedSn0w o.9.10b3 to get rid of the issue, then MobileSubstrate 0.9.3955 is another way out.

Even if you already have untethered jailbroken your idevice with the latest redsn0w version and still have the issue, then you can use version 0.9.3955 of MobileSubstrate now to fix tweak crashes. An additional benefit is that it doesn’t require you to reboot iOS at whatever time installing or upgrading this app. So overlook the old and tiring process of rebooting iOS and smirk at this instant! We all know the twinge of having to reboot your iOS device each time MobileSubstrate installs or upgrades itself. That is not the case any more. Thanks to Saurik for this latest version.

Saurik also cited that Substrate is well-matched with a semi-tethered jailbreak idea. Saurik has in addition indicated the possibility of a trouble-free jailbreak process in the prospect.

To download MobileSubstrate 0.9.3955, simply open Cydia and go to Changes tab, continue with refreshing your sources. Then install MobileSubstrate 0.9.3995 to the sources. Once you are done, get relaxed as your device is back to good again.

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