Google has now got the next Nexus One software update namely the FRF72.Nexus One FRF72 Update Revealed! Anyway it is not confirmed that it is a final froyo release as the FRF72 update is only 1.8 MB. It will be released for all the android users soon.

Nexus One FRF72 Update

Not many updates are being made in the new Nexus One FRF72 software update, but is sure that there might be many improvements made to the old software. There are improvements made in the FRF72 software update to enhance the browsing and also to make the browser support for flash improved.

Nexus One FRF72 Update Revealed!

We would have to wait till the final announcement is made to release the Nexus One FRF72 software update publicly. Subscribe to Tips Needed to get updated with the latest news of this topic.