All the Android users are waiting very eagerly for the next version of Android OS code named “Ice cream Sandwich“. Folks from Android Police and Rootzwiki has posted screenshots of a Nexus S running Ice Cream Sandwich, which was kept behind the curtains safely. The source of the images believes that Nexus S is going to be the second device after Nexus Prime to receive ICS update.

Let’s have a look at the pics and then we will discuss further details about these pics.

Ice Cream Sandwich


Nexus S Running Ice Cream Sandwich Leaked [Pics]

Ice Cream Sandwich

These images are giving us some hints regarding the interface and options that the final shape of ice cream sandwich gonna have. The very first thing that most of you will notice is very attractive blue colored theme in these images. If it is really what the ice cream sandwich will have then no doubt it’s gonna be the best among all android version have been released up til now.

Other noticeable features are app launcher, app drawer and Google shopper link. There are also so many things hidden in these images by black patches. We don’t have any idea that what’s behind them but we expect that there must be some big surprises. What do you think?  There is no word in these leaked reports when we will actually see Ice Cream Sandwich out but we can expect it to come in October.

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Via Android Police & Rootzwiki