During the Mobile Telecompaper conference 2011,Victor Saeijs, Vice president of Nokia Corporation, Europe, had declared that later this year, the company would launch it’s first windows phone 7 powered set in Six European countries. The six European countries includes Netherlands, France, Germany, England, Spain, and Italy. Netherlands is supposed to get the first release, followed by other stated countries. But it is sad to hear that Finland, Nokia’s home nation, is excluded from the Nokia WP7 initial launch plans.

Nokia Windows Phone 7 Release Soon

The first handset is expected to be a variant of Nokia’s X7 device. Nokia is also tying to put forward its own Windows Phone Mango, later this year. Victor Saeijs also stated that nokia is bringing the more expected Symbian Anna OS in Nokia E7, Nokia N8, and Nokia C7 devices, which is to be released on July. Saeijs also mentioned about upgrade to Symbian, dubbed Belle, which would be arriving later this year.

In European countries, as general, 80% of the mobile market is occupied by the Nokia coporation. But when it comes to the case of Smart phones, Nokia ‘s Market is being diminished and where as, Apple’s iPhone, Google’s Android platform, and RIM’s BlackBerry rules out. Nokia’s  introduction to Windows Phone 7 will enhance its reputation and stability in the market. Nokia is aiming more at Netherlands, where the  smart phone users are more in number. Hope nokia would come up with more poweful Windows Phone 7 devices soon.

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