Samsung Galaxy S II, which was announced in Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is now available for Pre-order through online retailer, Expansys. Samsung Galaxy S was a runaway success and after the launch of its successor, Galaxy S II, people will love to get their hands-on the Galaxy S II as soon as possible.

Pre-Order Samsung Galaxy S II

what Expansys say about Galaxy S II:

“The Galaxy S II is a showcase for what a smartphone can be; quite simply Samsung have packed a stunning amount of technology in a smartphone thinner, lighter and more powerful than nearly all rivals. It comes with a great operating system, huge, bright screen, and bags of superb features, all in one of the thinnest and fastest smartphones we’ve seen.”

After the announcement made by Expansys, that Galaxy S II is available for Pre-order, only the prospective buyers will be interested to buy this phone, as the price of Galaxy S II is a major downer. The pre-order of Galaxy S II comes with a price tag of 649 GBP, which is around Rs 47,500.

Although, Galaxy S II comes with some really great features like 4.27-inch Super-AMOLED Plus screen, 8-megapixel camera with LED flash, Dual core processor and NFC technology but considering the price tag, I am pretty much sure that people will think once before investing this huge money to buy a phone.

Anyway, what do you think, will you pay that much of hefty sum to buy a smartphone, even if that comes with some really great features? Do, let us know in you comment.