Google has now added a new sidebar left to the search results with some options like images, videos, latest etc. Google added it so that it becomes easier for its users to search things. But many people find Google’s new interface a little annoying. So here is way to remove that annoyance.

You could easily remove or disable the sidebar in Google’s new search result interface by installing scripts, in Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Internet Explorer or you could use another link provided with which you could search from Google without the new sidebar.

There is a userscript that is available for all the popular browsers, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Internet Explorer. Installing it could help you remove Google’s new sidebar along with the search results. Get the script. But it will work only in ” ” search results.

But in Firefox, you could remove the new Google sidebar in any place with this script. For installing the script, you must first have the Greasemonkey addon installed in Firefox.

Another way to get back the old Google search result interface without the sidebar is to go to this link and search. The search results will be shown without the sidebar.