While flashing a device, when the user creates a backup copy of the data, files, music etc by using either ClockworkMod Recovery or by using the default ROM Manager Tool, the ClockworkMod or ROM Manager apps doesn’t offer the users to restore those backup files individually after done with flashing. To get rid of this problem, a member from xda-developers, awjones, has developed an app called AppExtractor which enables the users to restore backup files individually.

Restore Backup on Android

AppExtractor offers users to restore individual applications and or/data from ROM Manager Backups and SMS/MMS. It also has a tool to fix permissions by force-close issues after restoring the app. To use AppExtractor tool you need have a rooted device and the backup file must be created by ROM Manager or ClockworkMod Recovery 5.

You can download AppExtractor application from the Android Market or by visiting this link.

Via Xda developers