Most of us use our iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch as an alarm clock to wake up. Have you ever thought of waking up hearing your favorite song? iOS users didn’t have this feature till the arrival of iOS 6. But now, we have it. You can now set a song as alarm tone on your iDevice with iOS 6 or above.

In earlier firmware versions, i.e. till iOS 6, the iPhone and iPod Touch users were able only to select a tone from a default list of tones which Apple provided (I said “iPhone and iPod Touch users” because the iPad didn’t have a clock app).

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But the situation has changed now and iOS 6 includes an extra option in the alarm settings in clock app to select a song from your music library to be played as the alarm tone.

Clock App on iOS

iOS is always known for its easy to use interface and as usual this small feature is also very simple to use. Do the following to set a song as your alarm tone :

1. Open the Clock app.

2. Select the Alarm tab.

3. Tap on + button to add a new alarm or tap on  Edit to edit an existing setting.

4. Set the time, days the alarm should repeat, enable/disable Snooze.

5. Now, tap on Sound on the same screen.

6. Now tap on Pick a song.

7. Choose a song of your interest.

8. Go back and save the alarm.

That’s it! Now the alarm will be playing the chosen song.

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