Do you want to set your favourite Youtube video as your screensaver. Then here is a guide to do that. Just follow the instructions given below and you will be able to set your desired Youtube video as your screensaver.

1. First you have to download the desired Youtube video which you wish set as the screensaver.

2. Now you have to convert the downloaded video into flash format. For doing this, first download the free tool named ” Super from here.

3. After installing, launch Super.

4. Select ” Add Multimedia File ” by right-clicking on the program windows and open the saved FLV file.

5. Under ” Select the Output Container “, choose the entry ” swf or flv (Flash) ” as the output format.

6. The output file is automatically saved by Super in ” C:\Programs\eRightSoft\SUPER\Output “. For changing this location, right-click on the program window, select ” Output File Saving Management “, choose the folder and click on ” Save changes “.

7. Next, click on ” encode (active Files) ” and select ” SWF ” for encoding the video.

8. Download the free software ” Instant Storm ” from here.

9. Open ” New Project Wizard ” in the first dialog box, enter a name and click on ” Next “.

10. Browse to the SWF file that was earlier prepared.

11. Go forward by clicking ” Next “.

12. You could select a preview image if you wish to. It will be shown in the installation dialog of the screensaver.

13. Click on ” Next ” and then ” Close “.

14. You could customize the settings with the options available in the main program window.

15. Now, under ” Publishing “, click on create, name the EXE file created and click on ” Save “.

16. Now simply double-click the EXE file.

That’s all! Now, the screensaver you created will be installed.