If you have bought a useful application from iTunes store, and you want to share it with your friends or relatives who also have an iPad, iPod or iPhone, then how could you share it with them? Don’t worry, because here is how to share your purchased iPad apps with multiple devices.

1. Copy the app from your iPad to iTunes in your Computer through syncing if you have downloaded it straight to your iPad.

2. Drag it from the iTunes to the desktop.

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3. Now email or transfer ( through a USB flash drive ) that app file to your friend’s computer.

4. Drag it to iTunes. Now you could see the app in the iTunes.

5. In the menu bar, click on “Â Store ” and ” Authorize Computer “.

6. Now enter the username and password of the person who bought the app and click on ” Authorize “.

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7. Now you will be able to transfer the app to your friend’s device.

If this didn’t work, you could try the second method.

1. Buy the app through your iTunes account.

2. Now login to the iTunes account in your friend’s computer with your username and password.

3. Re-download the app to iTunes.

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4. Now log out and login with your friend’s details.

5. Now add the app from iTunes to your friend’s iPad, iPod or iPhone.

That’s all! This how you could share iPad applications with multiple devices.