After the launch of iPhone 4S, now the rumor mill is focusing on iPad 3, which is expected to be the next hardware launch from Apple. We hope that we won’t get deceived like last time when everyone was expecting iPhone 5 with a revamped design and Apple launching a cheap version of iPhone 4 named iPhone 4S. iPad 3 is in its very initial stages and few hours ago, WSJ published a news on the behalf of their trustworthy source that “Sharp” will be supplying the display parts of iPad 3. It seems that Sharp got Apple’s trust because Apple ordered for iPhone display panels to Sharp as well. If the partnership of both companies keeps growing, then we speculates that Apple may have also ordered the display parts for Apple TV.

Apple Inc. is adding Sharp Corp. as a maker of screens used in the next-generation iPad, people familiar with the situation said Thursday, as the U.S. consumer electronics company moves to diversify component suppliers for its products.

The interesting part of this news is that Apple will invest in the factories of Sharp in Japan to enhance the output so that they can provide the required number of display parts on time.

Sharp To Supply Apple iPad 3 Displays

Rumor of Apple’s contract with Sharp for iPad 3 display parts has been on the surface since some weeks and couple of analysts also claims that Apple and Sharp are working on a new technology to make ultra thinner HD screen.

Do you think that Apple’s decision to enter a contract with Sharp is correct? What are your expectations about iPad 3 screen? Let us know in the comment section below and keep visiting Tips Needed for more latest news from Apple.