Skype 5 Beta version for Mac OS X is now out for download! The Skype for Mac has a new user interface and a lot more features than the older version. Skype 5 integrates your Mac address book so that you can easily find the people you want to talk to. Skype 5 also reconnects calls if your internet connection temporarily fails. The new features include:

Download Skype 5 Beta for Mac OS X

  • Group video chat: This new feature allows you to chat with more than two people using Skype 5 on windows or Mac OS X.
  • New call control bar: This new toolbar sits on top of any web pages, documents and allows you to manage calls easily.
  • Chat History: Allows you to see the history of all your previous chats in one window.

Download Skype 5 beta for Mac OS X from here.